Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant, Public Speaker

… but most importantly, I love helping people! (keeps me sane!)

As an introvert...

… my family was most surprised when I told them I had my first speaking engagement when I was 20.

I was surprised, too! But I knew I have a special message to share and it would be a disservice if I don’t do it.

And to further spread my messages, I created some ventures where I communicate them below.

This is where I teach Filipinos how they can become a freelancer. We’ve helped over 42,000 people through this initiative.

This is the old website. We just rebranded to Kurso.ph to send a more Filipino feel.

Paolo Speaks
This is where I do all speaking engagements and live webinar training! This is where you are now!

Want to connect with me on socmed?

Sure, sure! Let’s connect! 🙂

I’m open for brand collab, speaking engagements, and random stuff!