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  1. Hi Pao, having issues accessing those templates. It’s actually blank. But in order for me to “finish” the course it has to be registered as “finished” to be able to continue on the next topic. Can you help with this please? Thanks a lot in advance. Can I get my Certificate now too? Thanks again.

  2. Except for some minor issues with the templates, as well as accessing / getting onlineCertificate, overall, your webinar is very easy to follow, very educational. I learned a lot. Thumbs up!! Thank you so much!

  3. I didn’t really learn anything in this course. The only things that I think were useful were the templates. Other than that, I think the info in this whole course could’ve been done in 1 short video.

  4. salamat po dito ang dami kong natutunan.. d ko din alam kung pano mag simula.. my internet ako may laptop na ok nmn.. skills lang talaga .. i have 5 yrs bpo experience naman pero iba din ksi ang freelancing.. thanks again

  5. Yes! I enrolled here just because I’m not techie and I really don’t know how to start? That’s why I enrolled here in a Social Media Management 101 Course.

  6. Thank you Sir Pao! This Social Media Management 101 Course is really helpful. I learned a lot and I’m so excited to apply all of the things I learned from you in my new ventures.

  7. It has been a very interesting learning experience!
    I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and self-confidence.
    I’ve been working in the field of Research (Project Manager) but
    this has not stopped me from gaining new skills and venturing out on this
    new field.
    Hopefully, I’ll be able to find cleintS (yes! it’s with an “S”)!

  8. Enjoyed the webinar and the course so much I will look for more! Quick question tho, still don’t an idea how to create a calendar for a 30-day service.
    Any course on that?
    Or do you know any samples online? Thanks, Paolo and Godbless!

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