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Course Belt is my passion project that helps Filipinos learn the skills they need to advance their freelancing career. We have more courses under Course Belt, too! Check them out when you have time!


    1. Hi! I’m Patricia from Pasig. I’m currently employed looking for other source of income. I think this is the one for me as I spend most of my time on my phone (online business). So excited to learn from you!

      1. hi im ann, currently an online home-based esl teacher. interested to be a freelancer but with no experienced. i hope this course would be a great help. thanks in advance.

    2. Hi I’m Jimbz, I’m an Electrical Engineer and currently employed as HR Business Partner in a Manufacturing company. I’m ito social media management that is why attended this course!

    3. Hello! I’m Shenny, 32 y/o from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. I’m a nurse by profession but opt to venture work from home set up after I came back from abroad. I want to learn more about freelancing and I’m excited about this course. 🙂

    4. Hello, everyone! I’m Philip, currently a full-time employee. I am looking forward to learning more about SMM and hopefully establishing a new career path in the future. 🙂

    5. Im mariel a single mom. Im planning to leave the corporate world and aiming to be independent working at the comfort of my home. I am looking forward to learn more on how va works. Thanks

    6. Hi I’m Yanna and I’m 25 y/o. I’m currently an animator but I want to be in charge of my own time so I decided to enroll in this course. Excited to learn a lot!

    7. Hello, I’m Trixie i’m a former radio dj & an event host who wants to find a job online and have a WFH set up i’m excited to learn a lot from you

    8. Hi, I’m Adriana, 21 years old and I’m still currently in college. I wanna learn more about freelancing. Thank the Lord, He has brought me into the right place to start without any prior experience.

    9. Hi… I am Ina Valenciano. I am currently a Project Specialist of a Non Government Organization. Hope this course can help me boost our programs and projects

    10. I’m Christopher Cabatingan, 32 y/o from Cebu City. I’ve been in the banking industry for the last 11 years and I am taking my shot to work freelance online this year. I’m so excited to learn about SMM especially from you!

  1. Good day! Excited to learn!!! Need to earn during this pandemic. I’m positive this is the first step. I’m Jes, 49 yrs old, with 4 students in the house. God bless us all!

  2. A pleasant day guys! I’m Paul Jantzen. Aspiring to be successful in this virtual freelancing arena. Excited and looking forward to maximize the value of this course. Cheers and see you around!

  3. Hello! I’m Lyn. I’d really like to learn new things and improve my skills. Thank you for making the course affordable, too. It is a big help.

  4. Hi! I’m Kim, 26. I’m excited to venture out other things and going out from my comfort zone. I’m praying this course would be an answer to my prayers. God bless. ❤

  5. Hi Everyone. I’m Jelson. I hope you and your family are safe and well.

    Nobody can stop us from learning even the Covid-19.

    We should continue to grow and learn as a person.

  6. Hi Pao. Am excited to start the course but it appears i am not yet given access. Would appreciate your team’s timely response on this matter. Thank you

  7. How are you?
    SHARMAIN here, a.k.a. CHA.
    Its nice to be one of your mentee.
    Im a forever learner, so yeah, bring it on.
    Im excited to know where will this path take me. ☺??


  8. Hi, I’m Metz.
    I’m excited about what I will be learning in this course.
    I’ve been doing Social Media Management for more than 3 months. But I want to know more like really learn through this course so I can use it in my career.

  9. Hi I’m Che. New mom here. I think this pandemic had hit most of us hard career-wise. But I want to focus on the good side, I want to come out of it stronger and wiser. So, I’m dedicating my free time to learn something new and came across this course. Can’t wait to learn and be productive.

  10. Hi, I’m Haydee. I’m currently working, but I would like to have an extra job at night, so I am trying to learn new things aside from my profession. I’m excited to learn new things. 🙂

  11. Hello guys! Cyron here from Laguna.. I’m new to this VA thing and hope i can learn a lot from this course.. Also hopeful to finally get a job since this pandemic started.

  12. HI! I am Joy. A 30 something Project implementer who is not yet ready to be tied down with a permanent job, and apparently, relationships. 🙂 I am here because I welcome opportunities to grow, learn, and develop myself further. 🙂 Looking forward to learning with you all. This is my first time attending sessions with Social Media Management so I ask for everyone’s help. 🙂 Thank you, God bless and keep safe!

  13. Hi, I am Camille Nagrampa, 27 y/o, married with 1 kid. I’m excited to take this course and earn my certificate later on. This might be my ticket to freelancing world. 🙂

  14. Hi! I’m Isobelle. I’m 6 months post-open heart surgery, resigned from my job prior to that. Due to pandemic, I couldn’t apply back since i’m vulnerable. Im looking for a career that I can earn and be productive even while staying at home. I’m looking forward to learn SMM! ?

  15. Hello, Heidi Anne Mendoza, call me Dianne for short. Mom of 3, currently working fulltime but would really love to be a freelancer. Hope this course will help me with my goal.

  16. Hi! You can call me Shy. I am 32 and had been working from home since last year. My goal is to learn and earn without taking in calls anymore, LOL (had been on the BPO industry since I graduated from College) 😀

  17. Hi, I’m Jovan. PT by profession. I am currently working full time and would love to engage myself in this career. I’m excited to learn new things in this course!.

  18. hi, im einah, currently employed but planning to retire this year. I would like to try my luck in this field. looking forward for a lot of learnings thru this course.

  19. Hi! You can call me AJ, I am a teacher recently but I made a big decision to quit and pursue freelancing. For some people they might say that I am ” CRAZY ” to risk my stable job just to do freelancing, but for me it is not a matter of FREELANCING itself instead I wanted to make a move to reach my dream of earning while having more time with my family while I am still young ( but I am not saying that being in 30’s etc is not worth a try ) but the thing is we MUST start to make a LIFE instead of working just for a living. BTW I am 22 y.o and I know this will be all worth it 🙂

  20. Hi. Patrick here. 28. I have previously worked in the kitchen for 3 years, and 3 years in the BPO industry. Looking to start working from home and spend more time with my family. Thank you!

  21. Hello! This is Ruth. I’m glad I attended here. It’s my first time to be in this field. Everything is new to me ?, however I am looking forward to know more about you guys ? STAY BLESSED ?

  22. Hello there! I am Shari. I’ve been an ESL teacher for 14 years now and I joined the course because I want to shift my career. I hope this platform can help. Thanks!

  23. hi paolo! thanks for offering this course at an affordable rate. im grateful. krisna here of iligan city. from corporate work for 10 years to the new world of freelancing. ?

  24. Hi! I’m Jun, a singer and musician. Since I handle several Facebook pages and instagram accounts, I knew this course is a step in the right direction.

  25. Hi everyone! I’m Gem, a public servant. And I’m so excited to learn more about this course and eventually become a successful SMM at the same time. ?

  26. Hello ?
    I am Abe Bautista but you can call me Kurt ?
    I am 27 yrs old from Isabela province.
    I’ve been in the ESL industry for more than 6 years now but I wanted a change the reason why I am extremely looking forward to learning from you ❤️

  27. Hi, I’m Hya from Cavite. I am very excited to learn new things while in the comfort of my home and in my pace as I also am a full time mom of 2 plus 1 on the way. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless.

  28. Hi I’’m Steph Sanchez from Lucena City. I am just a stay at home mommy handling my little ukay-ukay and pisonet business. Hoping I will learn a lot from this course and will help me start my online job. ☺️

  29. Hi! I’m Lorraine/Leng from Las Piñas, currently employed. I would love to learn all about SMM. Glad to be part of the family from now on! 🙂

  30. Hello Paolo! Jenna here. I am new in the freelancing industry but I was in the BPO industry for 17 years. I am looking forward to learning a lot from this course.

  31. Hi I’m Julienne, I’m a mother of 2 and a plain house wife who want’s to learn more about SMM. I want to have a Job to help my partner.

  32. Hi! I am Jhirna. Thanks for this course Mr. Pao! Been wanting to enroll in online courses but most of the time it’s really expensive. Grateful for this one! Looking forward to learn and earn by applying the lessons I will be learning here.. God bless us all❤

  33. Hi, Esther here! I’m currently full time working on a corporate world. I enrolled here as I want to learn about freelancing. I have a plan to resign na so I could stay at home while personally taking care of my son. And I believe I will gain more knowledge here that I can use in purrsuing the freelance career. Thank you for having a program like this.

  34. Hi Paolo, I’m excited to learn something new from you and from this course. I’m a retired IT professional, now only doing consultancy and other businesses. I believe Social Media Marketing is hitting its peak now since almost everything is online. I’m looking forward to new learnings. – Czei 😉

  35. I’m Stephanie Jane Perez, 27, former bank officer now a stay at home mom and I want to be a virtual assistant. Hoping this course could help me ?

  36. Hi I’m Jing, currently doing online food biz, hoping to expand my knowledge about socmed and its benefits. Looking forward to really learn a lot about smm.?

  37. Hi, I’m Laarni, 23 years old, currently employed in small Real-Estate firm. I want to take this course to know more about handling and promoting our firm to social media. Hoping I can learn more about SMM 🙂

  38. Hello, I’m Sofia, an experienced Virtual Assistant and would like to expand my preexisting knowledge. Looking forward to knowing more about the online world.

  39. Hi I’m Wilson from Las Pinas. An OFW but willing to learn more due to the current situation nowadays WFH is better than going out. So I am looking forward to learn everything in here an apply this leanings in the future come what may happen. Lets get started… 🙂

  40. Hi there, Isa here, solo parent. I’m just as excited as the rest here to learn more about SMM and looking forward to a fruitful VA career soon.??

  41. Hi! I’m gigi cunanan. Working for a non-life insurance company. I’d like to know more about social media and how it could help me with marketing

  42. Hi! I’m Grace Gozo from Cavite. I’m looking forward to learn a lot on Social Media Management to help me start my Freelancing sideline. The opportunity to enroll in this course is a great help for a lot of people, specially in this trying times where a lot of us look for additional income.

  43. Hi! I’m Mina, 25, a full-time mom. Since I got married and had my daughter I quit my job. I’m really excited to learn more about this course. It can help me to work at home while taking care of my family. Thank you for this opportunity, it is not expensive like others offer.

  44. Hi! I’m Shane from Caloocan. I don’t have any experience in this field. Looking forward to learn a lot. Thank you for this opportunity. ☺️

  45. Hi! I’m Jomele, mom and wife. I do not have any formal education on the following but I am exactly do them:
    • Graphic Design
    • Social Media Management

    I am here because to get that “formality”. ?

  46. Hi Im Jeff! Im 25 year old. A Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting Graduate/A Senior Customer Service Representative/A Relationship Manager/ Video Editor/Financial Advisor. I am here to expand my knowledge.

  47. Hi, I’m Rhobie! I’m 40 years old. I am a part-time esl online tutor and a mother of two girls. I am here to learn about how to be a Virtual Assistant, what specific skills are needed to be one and maybe I can use in applying for a job that is less tiring.

  48. Hi I am Angelique, or simply Angz. I am a law student at night and an office girl in the morning. I am really excited about learning from you, Paolo!

  49. A blessed day! I’m Maribel 41 years old a solo parent with 1 child. I am currently employed, however my salary is not enough for all my expenses and I leave to my parents with unemployed and both of them are senior citizen. I join these class to learn more about virtual assistant because I don’t have experience. I hope this is the start of my plan to become a Virtual agent. If God’s will.

  50. Hi, my colleagues and students call
    me Ms Annie. I’m a college instructor and owner of a travel agency. I enrolled to gain more knowledge about SMM. Cheers!

  51. Hi! I’m Maricar, 48 and a mother of 6. I’m so excited to learn SMM because I believe that learning is a never ending process. I am hoping to learn and earn after finishing this course.

  52. Hi everyone.
    Nice to be here. Lucille here from Cebu. Already 30 years old. Currently looking for a WFH job. That’s why I enroll here to learn new things.

  53. Hi, I am Wyna. In my years 22 years of existence, i’ve been working for 2 years which is quite really hard especially the daily transportation that’s why I’m here looking for an opportunity to become a freelancer. Looking forward on this course training. Thank you Sir Paolo.

  54. Hello. I’m Emi, 43. Stay at home mom. And I want to learn and explore other possibilities that might bring productivity on my relaxed time. ?

  55. Hello everyone and Sir Paolo! I’m Aimee, 26 from the City of Paranaque. lol :p I’m currently looking for a WFH job that’s why I enroll in this training. Would love to enroll in your other course. 🙂

  56. Hello, I’m Jemimah, 29 years old. I’m excited to learn a new skill and explore a new industry. Hope I can learn a lot from this course.

  57. Hi po. Hervie Yvonne Jagonoy here. From Davao del Norte. Currently working as Roving Specialist in an HMO company. Looking for a side hustle for an increased financial income. Excited to learn more about this too.

  58. Hi, I’m Ria, 27. I wanted to be more effective when it comes to managing my page so I enrolled. I also want to see if this is something that I can offer as a freelancer

  59. hi good evening.. I’m Baby jean 22 years old i wanted to learn this skills ,because this is my first time to to take this opportunity ..thank you

  60. Hi Pao, Jhorge here. I’m so excited to learn more about Social Media Management (SMM) and since today is my day, this is going to be my birthday gift to myself. ???

  61. Hi Pao. I am Brenda, a semi-retired former Bank Manager. Today is Day 1 of my SMM course. I am venturing into online jobs to keep myself busy. I look forward to learning a lot from this course and eventually get a client. Good luck to me.

  62. Hi,I’m Jenina, i’m a mom whose kids are VAs and digital marketers but too loades up with piles of work to find time to train me. Thank God I found Paolo. I believe it’s not too late for me to learn how to be my own boss too.

  63. Hello, I’m Claire. A mom of 2 and a teacher by profession. I wanted to earn extra money of course, who doesn’t want to? ?
    Looking forward to be a VA.

  64. Hi My name is Marian from Muntinlupa City! So glad that i was able to see your offer as i have planning to start a digital business but do not know how to start! Your business is an answered prayer! Thank you and God bless

  65. Hi, I’m Kristia Paula Derada. Pau for short. ? I’m a former QC engineer and I enrolled here because I want to unlock a new skill and maybe change my career path. ??I’m so excited to learn and widen my horizons.

  66. Hi, I’m Rolly Pagaspas and I am a broadcaster. Would like to develop my social media managment skills as this is very much needed in the way broadcast has transformed this pandemic – podcast / streaming / Live & on-demand all on social media platforms.

  67. Hi! My name is Trisha and I currently study finance. Here to learn about VA niches so that I can have side hustles while I’m in university. Glad to be part of this community!

  68. Hi, I’m Maricel Limbaga 39yrs old and a mother. I have an online store/business and I want to manage it thoroughly that is why I enrolled to this course. I grab it at cheaper price of 299 because of your promo. Thank you and this is really a big help for a mom like me who have a tight budget at home especially this difficult time.

  69. Hello there! I’m Jordan Colis. I’m super thrilled about what I can learn from this lesson. Hoping that we all could learn a lot from this and be an effective VA after this course. God bless.

  70. Hi! I already finished and completed this course last September but my computer broke down last week and my files are corrupted. but now I’m trying to download my certificate but it shows that I don’t have a certificate because I failed the course. Please help!

  71. Hi Paolo, I’m Jonalyn. They call me Jhong, a mom of 7 year old energetic girl. I am an on and off social media manager (part time) but with no educational background about this. So, now I want to properly know about this career and plan to continue it again.

  72. Hi! I am Nolan Garachico. I am a freelancer in Upwork but looking forward to learn more on this course and I thank you so much for this oppurtunity.

  73. Hi I’m Mikko Ayala. I’m a banker for 16 years and I decided to to do other things and pursue my passion. I’m a small time YouTuber and content creator. I’m excited to explore mew possibilities and I think this is the right path for me

  74. Hi. i`m Marlene from Cagayan Valley. i hope this course will be of great help to my Food Supplement business most especially on creating contents to attract more customers and to turn every post into sale.

  75. Hi I’m Roze Ann Paituar. I would like to learn more in this course to have more knowledge in Marketing Industry for my future career so I can get a job in the field of my studies and to help my online business. Thank you!

  76. Hi I am Mary Jhane you can call me Majhane, 23 yrs. old. I’am currently working as a Sales Executive on a Construction Industry company. I hope this program will help me to know expand my knowledge and skills.

  77. Hello, everyone! I am Khen Love Nalipay and I am a 24-year old fresh graduate of Physical Therapy. I am currently working as an online Medical English Instructor here in Cebu City. I am interested to learn about social media management. I hope this program can efficiently help me. God bless to us all!

  78. Hi, I’m Maru from QC. I’m currently working as a Visual Manager for one of the top retail brand.
    I’m here to empower myself by learning new skills and gain new knowledge and Social Media Management is one on my list.

  79. Hi, My name is Cindy. I am interested in Social Media Management or anything that is under VA. I’ve been doing my research non-stop about it, and the courses are expensive, but luckily I found this. I worked as a Technical support representative. I am looking forward to learn a lot of things in this course.

  80. Hi everyone. Im Anne newbie for freelancing, I’m so excited to learn all about SMM and the other courses included here. I’m so thankful I’ve found this. Thank you Sir Pao for this opportunity..Hope we can be successful in freelancing career.God bless and more power???

  81. Hi Pao! First of all I would like to thank you giving this big opportunity for a cheaper price. I’ve been a CSR for over 5 years now and an aspiring Virtual Assistant. With this, I am closer to what I really wanted. I am also a student at the same time so working at home would really be convenient set up for me. <3

  82. Hi! I’m Myles from Cebu and i’m currently employed as an HR Coordinator. I’m looking forward to upscale my skills in SMM for a possible career shift in the near future! Excited to learn from this course ?

  83. Hi Im Paula Barbosa, married with 2 pretty kids. And chemist (chemist-ter umaasa ?). That’s why i enroll this course para nman makapag work from home at makatulong kay hubby ?

  84. I’m excited to learn from this course! I’m a stay at home mom for almost 6 years and haven’t had a paying job for that period of time. Really looking forward to learn a lot here and apply the skills out there!

  85. Hello, I’m Amor. Newbie and willing to learn about this SMM. I hope this would be my first step to my success to help my family in this time of Pandemic.

  86. Hi. I am Jhonnalee Galvez, a grade school teacher for 9 years. I enrolled in this course to acquire new skills and be able to find an additional income. Hope to learn a lot.

  87. Hi Coach Pao! This is Shanne, and I’m definitely looking forward to learn a lot about SMM. Thank you for this awesome yet affordable opportunity for us learners especially beginners! ☺

  88. Hello. My name is Lady and I’m actively looking for a job right now. While waiting for my dream client, I decided to enroll to this course hoping that it could help me. Thanks!

  89. Hi! I’m Liza from Muntinlupa and I would love to learn new skills like this one. I want to be equipped well before I start my job as a freelancer.
    Hoping for the best!

  90. Hi Sir Pao and classmates! I’m Ranny Aguila Bautista from Batangas. I’m excited to learn new things from all of you and I’m hoping to work with all of you soon.

  91. It is my pleasure to learn from you. I am Jen. I have been in the ESL industry for 8 years already and I would like to get another career to earn more. I am eager to learn new skills and become a successful VA in the future.

  92. Hi Arah Here! I am currently employed but currently looking for courses that would help me develop my skills for my future plans. I can’t wait to learn more from you! ?

  93. Hi! I’m a Communication Arts Graduate and I want to learn about social media marketing. Currently employed but want to explore freelancing and building a business case on social media marketing.

  94. Hi, I’m Jenelle. I am an Entrepreneurship Graduate and had an experience working in Sales. I now have my own brand and I hope this Social Media Management Course will be able to help me with it, while also exploring how to become a successful freelancer.

  95. Hi! I’m Violy Diño-Gonzales from Manila. I am a retired bank employee. I want to
    learn more for a possible job and to be more knowledgeable about social media.
    Thank you Paolo for this opportunity. Cheers!

  96. Hi I’m Mich Financial Consultant , looking forward to learn more in this course. To adapt new norm and find additional possible Job. Thank you for the opportunity God bless ?

  97. Hi, I’m Kate! I’ve always wanted to be a social media influencer but I think it’d be best if I know how everything works – starting on becoming a social media assistant.

  98. hello ever.yone! i am Leo Olavides from Pasig City. I hope to learn a lot fromm this course and also meet new friends and collaborators for future endeavors. God bless us all!

  99. Hello! I’m Lora Libron, a 3rd year college student taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Major in Operations Management. 🙂

  100. Hi, Im Mae 33 yrs old and a single parent. Full time customer service representative in a remittance center and planning to shift my career in online jobs.. Im hoping that I could learn in this course and jump start a new career..

  101. Hello! JP here, I’ve been wanting to be part of this community and build skills in SMM and use to create income streams. Let us all help each other. Thank You..

  102. Hi, I’m Jane 28 years old from Cebu. I’m a former BPO employee and a Medrep. Now, a full time mom. So excited to learn about freelancing and hopefully jump a career online while taking care of my family full time. ?

  103. Hi, I’m Cheriz 36 years old from Batangas, I’m high school grad and willing to learn more about Social Media Manager and someday have a job on onlinejobs.ph and Upwork, I want to be a part of the WFH. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless ?

  104. Hi, I’m Florabel. 37 y/o. I’m currently a project manager. I’m enrolling in courses and enriching my knowledge to improve my skills. I look forward to finishing this course! 😉

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