Attention all financial advisors…

Last Year, I Helped A Financial Advisor Get 5 Figures In Commissions Weekly - Let Me Tell You The Secrets How I Did It

P.S. It’s NOT rocket science! If he can do it, so can you!

Dear future MDRT,

I’m about to reveal something to you that has enabled my client, a financial advisor, to make 5 figures in weekly commissions for the last 2 years in the middle of the pandemic.

And it just didn’t change his life, because it also changed mine when I started using it – Facebook ads.

You’ve probably heard it before but are a bit skeptical because you’re not a techie.

You’ve probably tried running some ads before but failed because you didn’t use the A-B-C system to run ad campaigns profitably.

You’ve probably given up already thinking, “di ‘to para sa akin, masasayang lang ang pera ko”.

And I get you.

I understand how it feels to chase something and find no means to achieve it.

I’ve gone through that phase, too, and now I want to help you win through it!

So, for the first time ever…

I’m Revealing The A-B-C Method of Running Profitable Ads for Financial Advisors

The A-B-C Method is useful if you are looking to get an influx of new and interested prospects every single day.

It’s your client-hooking machine that runs on complete auto-pilot.

They said, “build a Facebook page, post content daily, and customers will come.”

Well, that’s true for people with a huge following but not all of us have that authority.

Can you honestly say that you get a consistent and growing number of clients daily from your Facebook page?

Because if not, then you need to find a way to show your offer to qualified people.

And by that, I don’t mean simply boosting your posts.

This time, I want you to use do something different.

Something that has already worked with other financial advisors.

And I’m teaching it all in the…

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Live FB Ads Training For Financial Advisors

Inside the training, you’ll learn:

  • The A-B-C Method of running ads to get more clients consistently
  • Elements of an 8-figure ad creative
  • Copy-Revise-Paste ad copy that you can use to write tagos-sa-puso captions
  • Targeting guidelines to find quality leads
  • Step-by-Step instructions for setting up your first campaign

Insurance agencies pay me at least Php 30,000 to conduct this training for their team.

But I’m not charging you that much because I know how it feels like to start in this industry.

So you can join this webinar on June 1 at 6 pm via Zoom for only Php 497.

Plus… you’ll also get a recorded version of the webinar so you can access it anytime!

But here’s the thing!

I don’t think I’ll offer this webinar for long.

So action-takers can abuse this strategy and hit 5-figure weekly commissions themselves.

And that leaves you with three options.

Option #1: Do it yourself.

Sure, you can spend thousands (or even a hundred thousand) to explore what will and will not work.

And you might probably end up in the same place you are now – feeling lost.

Or you might get *lucky* and hit it on your first try.

Option #2: Ignore everything.

I get it. Some of us are just dreamers, not doers. 

Not everyone is willing to take the work needed.

Option #3: Join the webinar.

While it’s not a magic bullet that turns you into an overnight 5-figure weekly earner, but it helps you get better chances of doing it right (especially since everything in the webinar is proven and tested for financial advisors).

Join the webinar and see for yourself!

So, what’s it gonna be?

Are you ready to take the challenge of becoming an MDRT?

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